Shoulder School DVD & Resistance Tube

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shoulder school dvd fit and bendy kristina nekyia
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shoulder school dvd fit and bendy kristina nekyia

Shoulder School DVD & Resistance Tube


This is for a physical DVD AND a resistance tube of your choice! You will also receive access to the streaming video on Vimeo when you receive your DVD.

Prep Your Shoulders for Anything!

Take your shoulders to school with three workouts designed for the over-achieving shoulder joint! If your shoulders do challenging movements and lift heavy weights they need a good education to prevent injury and improve performance.

Proper shoulder function requires more than fifteen muscles and four joints, making the shoulder versatile but prone to injuries and imbalances. This DVD will arm you with a variety of tools to stabilize, strengthen, and mobilize your shoulders, improving flexibility and technique in any shoulder-intensive activity you choose. These exercises can be done all together or taken as needed to design the perfect workout for you.

Part 1: Stabilization/Warm Up targets the rotator cuff and muscles of the upper back so that your shoulders are warm and ready for anything.

Part 2: Strengthening provides a series of scalable strengthening exercises designed to build the proper technique and form for common shoulder-intensive activities including pull-ups, handstands, pole dance handsprings, and push-ups.

Part 3: Mobility offers resistance-based active flexibility exercises to open up the neck, shoulders, and chest without compromising stability or strength. It is the perfect mobility workout for activities that require both strength and flexibility in the shoulders.

This DVD is perfect for people with shoulders, especially people who need their shoulders to be highly educated, including:
•    Aerialists
•    Pole Dancers
•    Handbalancers
•    Contortionists
•    Weight Lifters
•    Yogis
•    Martial Artists
•    Swimmers
•    Surfers
•    Gymnasts

All exercises are demonstrated by real aerialists and narrated by Kristina Nekyia, who offers detailed descriptions of the subtle movements and target muscles.

Many of the exercises in this video require the use of a light to medium weight resistance tube or theraband. This sale includes a resistance tube of your choice!

To get the most out of your Shoulder School workout you will want a resistance tube of your very own! If you don't already have one of these handy handled tubes, allow us to provide you with a 4'6" foam-handled tube that will prove useful in so many ways.

Available in three weights:

Light: for stabilization work and those newer to shoulder school

Medium: for more experienced athletes and to build strength for more difficult movments

Heavy: for the brawniest of shoulders, not recommended for stabilization work at any level

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