The same private instruction offered in LA 
is available anywhere in the world via Skype. 

Requires a stretching area that is visible from a web camera with high-speed internet.


Skype Consultations

A 30-minute Skype consultation will answer some of your pressing flexibility and contortion questions, address technique, or help to develop a training plan.

Skype Lessons

All of the knowledge and technique of a private lesson but now available via Skype. Kristina can virtually visit you in your own home or studio to coach you.

To Book a Skype Session

1. Create a Mindbody Online account with Fit & Bendy

2. Visit the Appointments and select "Skype Lessons" from the drop down menu

3. Pick from the following options:

30 Minute Consultation for $50

60 Minute Skype Private for $100

60 Minute Skype Duet for $110 ($55 per person)*

4. Find a time that works for you and book your appointment. Please note that all appointment times are in Pacific Standard Time. Account for any time difference when booking your session.

5. Confirm your appointment by paying for your service. You will receive a confirmation email.

6. Be ready by your computer at your appointment time and send a Skype contact request to fitandbendy so that we can find you! You will need a high speed internet connection, a webcam, and a place to work out where the camera can see you. If you warm up ahead of time we can make the most of our time together.


*Two People in same or different locations. Both people must create Mindbody accounts.