Specialty Workshops


Flexibility for the Fittest

2 hrs

Even the most dedicated gym addicts often struggle with flexibility. For those who have worked hard to build muscle mass, “relaxing” into a stretch can feel uncomfortable or, at best, futile. However, failure to address flexibility can result in poor technique, joint pain, and injury. This workshop focuses on active flexibility techniques that use a strength-based approach to increase range of motion. By increasing muscle activation at the end range of motion the body learns to be strong and flexible in its movements. Particular attention is paid to problem areas including calves, hips, and shoulders. No prerequisites.


Shoulder Clinic

1.5 hrs

The shoulder is the most unstable joint in the body, allowing for amazing range of motion but also making it prone to injury and muscle imbalances. Athletes put great demands on this part of the body, so proper preparation and maintenance are imperative. This workshop introduces the boney structures, mover muscles, and rotator cuff muscles of the shoulder joint and how they function together to create healthy movement. Using nothing but bodyweight exercises and a resistance band, participants will learn a warm up, stabilization, strengthening, and flexibility series to optimize performance in shoulder-intensive activities like weight lifting, pole, aerial, and handstands. Everyone will go home with their own theraband to use and cherish. No prerequisites.


Backbend Clinic for Healthy Bendy Backs

2 hrs

Unlocking the secrets of the beautiful backbend, this workshop is for the intermediate/advanced bender who is able to do a comfortable bridge but wants to take their spinal flexibility to the next level without pain or injury. In 90 minutes we cover warm up, fascial release techniques, the importance of shoulder and hip flexibility, strengthening for support, and some more advanced positions. You will leave with the fundamentals needed to train deeper, smarter, and pain-free back flexibility. Participants should have at least 3+ years of regular flexibility training, have all three splits and a comfortable backbend, and warm themselves up ahead of time to make the most of the session.


Custom Workshop for your Clients’ Bendy Dreams

Do you have a need for a flexibility workshop tailored to your clients’ specific activities? We can design a program just for your studio that applies Kristina’s knowledge of sports science, anatomy, and flexibility fitness to help your clients reach their goals.

Scheduling & Pricing

Fit & Bendy recognizes the demands of running a studio and we will work with you to design a package tailored to your needs. Based on studio size and local markets, the particulars may change from location to location. By understanding your needs and assisting in promotions, we will do our best to bring the bend without breaking the bank.

Click here to reach out to us so that we can get to know each other better and get the ball rolling.