I’ve worked with many contortion and flexibility coaches in my travels around the world, and Kristina Nekyia is by far the most knowledgeable and fun. As a certified Pilates instructor, she knows her stuff when it comes to body mechanics. She’s able to cue exactly where to lengthen, adjust, relax or engage in order to achieve the best and bendiest results, but always with a performer’s career longevity in mind, which I love. She knows that as dancers and movement teachers ourselves, our bodies are our bread and butter, and while we want results, we don’t want them to come at the risk of injury. Kristina’s approach is methodical, nurturing, and very results-oriented, but safe. The face that she’s funny, witty, has a good taste in music and is cool is of course a plus!
— Natasha Wang, Pole Artist and IPC International Champion 2014
I’ve been training with Kristina for nearly 3 years now...and I’ve come a longggg way since then. She took my natural flexibility to real contortion skills. Hands down the best flexibility trainer I’ve worked with. Her method is very safe and effective for adults. When it comes to flexibility, she knows her stuff. She’s also very nice and fun to work with.
— @exoticacrobat, Contortionist
Incredible class! I didn’t know I could bend so far and yet feel so incredible the next day! Kristina is a great instructor. She is incredibly knowledgeable and breaks things down so that your flexy goals that once seemed impossible will suddenly be closer than you thought.
— Elizabeth B., Pole Dance Instructor
Kristina has been by far the best coach I have ever worked with. Her vast knowledge of the body coupled with her saintly patience and unequivocal attentiveness have helped me tremendously. This lady knows her stuff!!! I have worked with many instructors in the past, and Kristina has brought things to my attention that no one ever explained to me before. Her wit and demeanor help me get through the painful parts too! She is very kind and encouraging and tailors her stretches and workouts to each of her student’s unique needs and bodies. Anyone who is lucky enough to train with her or get into one of her classes will not regret working with this gem of a teacher!
— Tiffany M., Aerialist
I found Kristina as a Pilates instructor when I was struggling with an unusual back injury that standard physical therapy had been unable to fix. Through working with her, I discovered that Kristina has an uncanny eye for form and has an astute knowledge of body mechanics that rivals most. With these attributes, she was able to help me correct asymmetries in my strength and posture. This led to me being able to recover from my injury and return to my physically demanding hobby of training in aerial arts. Working also with Kristina as a flexibility instructor, I have had the benefit of seeing dramatic improvements in my flexibility that I had previously thought impossible to achieve in my 30’s. She again emphasizes form and safe technique that ends up leading to remarkable yet long lasting results. Kristina has a way of pushing you to your best within your individual capacity, while also keeping you laughing and entertained (through the pain). She has been such a blessing in promoting flexibility, injury recovery and prevention, and overall fitness while also being an absolute blast to work with. She’s a rare gem.
— Stacey L., Aerialist