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Flexibility and technique workshops from beginner to advanced levels 


Kristina has taught workshops at festivals, conferences, expos, camps, dance studios, pole dance studios, yoga events, and circus schools around the world. Studios can select from the workshops listed below or work with Kristina to create a custom curriculum or intensive based around the students’ level and interests.


Introduction to Contortion Training (Beginner/Intermediate)

This workshop is for adults who want safe, effective ways to increase their flexibility and range of motion. Students will learn how to safely stretch their legs, hips, shoulders, and back while building the muscle and balance needed to use your flexibility. Techniques are drawn from circus contortion, Pilates, and dance techniques. This class focuses on developing middle and side splits, shoulder flexibility and control, and backbends. Participants should be healthy and ready for an intense workout.

Maximum 30 participants.


Contortion Technique and Advanced Stretching (Intermediate/Advanced)

This class is for the intermediate/advanced flexibility student ready to take her or his stretching to the next level. Students will develop their back, leg, hip, and shoulder flexibility through assisted stretches, then learn to use that range of motion in contortion movements and poses. Special attention will be given to developing the strength and technique to support the body during extreme bending. The class requires familiarity with stretching and a preexisting fitness level; must be able to comfortably do splits and bridges.
Maximum 15 participants

Fit & Bendy Shoulder Clinic

Can you shoulders be flexible and strong? Yes they can! This one hour workshop covers the basic anatomy and functioning of this often troublesome joint. Identify common muscle imbalances and bad habits and learn which muscles can be used to correct them. Then learn a short, effective shoulder warm up and strengthening routine that will properly prepare your upper body for aerial, pole dance, or contortion. All participants get a free theraband to use, love and cherish.

Maximum 30 participants

Fit & Bendy Backbend Clinic

An in-depth exploration of back bending that will demystify the challenging backbend. Backbends are both exciting and potentially scary but with the proper technique and an understanding of how to support the spine through deep extension they can also be powerful and beautiful additions to your movement vocabulary. The workshop covers warm up, hip openers, shoulder openers, strengthening, and a variety of movements depending on the level of the participants.

Maximum 15 participants

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Selected past clients include:

Pole Expo, Las Vegas

Ecole de Pole, London UK

London Academy of Pole Dance, London UK

The Place Dance Studio, London UK

Victoria Works Circus School, Sheffield UK

North American Pole Dance Championship, Chicago IL

Emerald City Trapeze, Seattle WA

BurlyCon Burlesque Conference, Seattle WA

Empowerment Through Exotic Dance, Chicago IL

Aerial Dance Geneva, Geneva Switzerland

inSpiral Dance, Warsaw Poland

Pole Sport Studio, Berlin Germany

Gamish Studio, Tel Aviv Israel

Poledance Vienna, Vienna Austria

Butterfly Studio, Sheffield UK

PoleWave Studio, Athens Greece

Poledance Mulhouse, Mulhouse France

Gravity Arts Aerial, Zurich Switzerland

Mystique Pole Dance, Zurich Switzerland

Star Poledance, Weilerswist Germany

Aerial Arts Liechtenstein, Principality of Liechtenstein

Polestart Fitness, Gothenburg Sweden

Flight Fitness, Leister Uk