How to Book a Fit & Bendy Workshop at your Studio or Event


Kristina has taught workshops at festivals, conferences, expos, camps, dance studios, pole dance studios, yoga events, and circus schools around the world. Studios can select from the workshops listed below or work with Kristina to create a custom curriculum or intensive based around the students’ level and interests.

"Too many people approach bendiness from a static stretching perspective and all it does is leave you stiff and achy. Kristina thoroughly warmed up our bodies and guided us through a full body bending session that left me feeling fluidly mobile and gooey. Her cues are golden and I she definitely has the power to make anyone feel like a rockstar bend-er. "
-Amy Tynan, owner, Aerial CLT Studio

Book a Workshop at Your Studio

Selected past clients include:

American Youth Educator's Conference

Circus Center, San Francisco CA

Kinetic Arts Center, Oakland CA

Aerial CLT, Charlotte NC

Pole Expo, Las Vegas

Ecole de Pole, London UK

London Academy of Pole Dance, London UK

The Place Dance Studio, London UK

Victoria Works Circus School, Sheffield UK

North American Pole Dance Championship, Chicago IL

Emerald City Trapeze, Seattle WA

BurlyCon Burlesque Conference, Seattle WA

Empowerment Through Exotic Dance, Chicago IL

Aerial Dance Geneva, Geneva Switzerland

inSpiral Dance, Warsaw Poland

Pole Sport Studio, Berlin Germany

Gamish Studio, Tel Aviv Israel

Poledance Vienna, Vienna Austria

Butterfly Studio, Sheffield UK

PoleWave Studio, Athens Greece

Poledance Mulhouse, Mulhouse France

Gravity Arts Aerial, Zurich Switzerland

Mystique Pole Dance, Zurich Switzerland

Star Poledance, Weilerswist Germany

Aerial Arts Liechtenstein, Principality of Liechtenstein

Polestart Fitness, Gothenburg Sweden

Flight Fitness, Leister Uk