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April 2017: Better Know Your Body Challenge! 

There is only one secret to success in flexibility: train smart. Know when to push, know when to rest. Know when to strengthen, know when to stretch. How do you gain this amazing wisdom? Why, the Better Know Your Body Challenge, of course!

Click here for a downloadable PDF of the Better Know Your Body Challenge. 

Happy Bendings!

High Performance Back Warmers for Hot, Hot Backs!

Optimize your bendy potential with your very own FaB back warmer

Hands down the best flexibility trainer I’ve worked with. Her method is safe and effective for adults. When it comes to flexibility, she knows her stuff.
— Scarlett S., Contortionist
Kristina’s approach is methodical, nurturing, and very results-oriented, but safe…She’s able to cue exactly where to lengthen, adjust, relax or engage in order to achieve the best and bendiest results, but always with a performer’s career longevity in mind
— Natasha Wang, Pole Artist and IPC International Champion 2014

Two full-length Fit & Bendy contortion workouts.