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Mongolian Contortion Workshops & Show

Sunday February 19th @ Downtown Dance Center, 1144 S Hope Street DTLA

FaB is honored to host World Champion Coach & Students teaching, demonstrating, and performing beginner to advanced techniques including the rare and beautiful art of Contortion Archery.

Beginner Workshop, 10:15-12:15

Advanced Workshop 12:30-2:30

Handstands and Contortion Archery 2:45-5:15

History of Mongolian Contortion and Performance 5:15-6:00

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Fit & Bendy is dedicated to providing safe and high-quality instruction. We are proud to be a member of the American Circus Educators Association which supports circus educators across the country.


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Incredible class! I didn’t know I could bend so far and yet feel so incredible the next day! Kristina is a great instructor. She is incredibly knowledgeable and breaks things down so that your flexy goals that once seemed impossible will suddenly be closer than you thought.
— Elizabeth Blanchard, Aerialist and Instructor
Kristina’s approach is methodical, nurturing, and very results-oriented, but safe…She’s able to cue exactly where to lengthen, adjust, relax or engage in order to achieve the best and bendiest results, but always with a performer’s career longevity in mind
— Natasha Wang, Pole Artist and IPC International Champion 2014

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