Head Coach Kristina Cañizares

Based in Los Angeles, founder Kristina “Nekyia” Cañizares began coaching after a career as a dancer and circus contortionist. She provides specialized coaching and personal training that focuses on mobility for improved body mechanics and performance.

Kristina has coached thousands of people through personal training, classes, workshops, and her popular YouTube channel. In Los Angeles she works with individuals struggling with mobility challenges like hypermobility syndrome, chronic tightness, persistent pain and injury, and prolonged immobility.

She has worked with many of the industry’s top performers including musicians, actors, dancers, aerialists, pole competitors, stunt artists, and martial artists.

In 2017 Kristina started working with then 15-year-old artist Billie Eilish. Kristina has been working with Billie ever since as her personal trainer both in the gym and on the road. In 2021 Kristina joined Billie for the Happier Than Ever World Tour. Billie credits Kristina with helping her to understand her own hypermobility.

“I can’t express how much better my body just works.”
– Enver Gjokaj, Client & Actor

Kristina Canizares ins acontortion cehst stand

Kristina’s favorite contortion pose is chest stand

Flexibility & Hypermobility Syndrome

Kristina’s passion for healthy range of motion is born of her own healing journey. Throughout most of her 20s, she struggled with disability and chronic pain, due in part to her struggle hypermobility joint syndrome.

Contortion training was part of her recovery, teaching her the mobility skills to control her muscles and joints.

Starting at the age of 30 Kristina trained with renowned Mongolian contortionist Serchmaa Byamba at San Francisco Circus Center. In 2009 she co-founded the contortion program at Cirque School LA and began teaching Pilates for Mobility at a private gym in West Hollywood.

Fit & Bendy was born in 2013 with the release of her first highly successful instructional DVD, Get Bent: Circus Style Flexibility. Becoming a contortionist as an adult required extensive research into the physiology, neurology, and psychology of flexibility, which Kristina has used to design her unique mobility training programs and personal training sessions.

“She doesn’t just train bodies; she transforms lives.”
– Lorna Campbell, Client & Educator

Train with Kristina

You can train with Kristina by joining the FaB Flexibility Video Club or enrolling in one of her curated online programs. She also offers workouts, tips and tutorials, and her own training vlog via her YouTube Channel.