Ankle Mobility Exercises for Improved Lower Body Mobility

Improve ankle mobility with this daily routine

I have sprained my ankles so many times I’ve lost count. I used to sprain them just walking along a flat, unremarkable sidewalk. Not once in all my years did I do any rehab. Bad decisions. Maybe they sound familiar to you?

I have no doubt that all that ankle trauma contributed to my arthritic toe.

Ankles need a both mobility and stability to do their job. When they lack one or the other, other joints have to pick up the slack.

Last month I posted an ankle rehab update urging you beautiful humans to rehab your ankles. Many of you asked for some specific exercises… so I made you a video!

This is 30 minutes of work that gets your ankles moving in all directions and will give you some nice muscle burn. This is the routine that has me running 10 miles a week only 7 months out from foot surgery!

If you try the workout, please let me know how it goes for you! I love hearing about your bendy journey.

Happy Bendings!

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