Strengthen your Back for Easy Backbends

Being able to do a backbend is about both flexibility and strength

A beautiful, painless backbend requires more than flexibility, it requires a lot of strength. This is true for all the muscles along the spine, but the upper back is definitely the trickiest area.

This video expands on the work we did in the last upper back workout video, which cultivated the upper back muscles and countered limitations. This workout builds our strength for active backbends with nice warm up and some yummy active cobra drills. The Video Club version culminates in a preparation for inversions like chest stand and contortion handstand.

This is a great workout for folks who already have a back bend practice and desire a beautiful, strong backbend that is smooth and even. It's a good warm-up for back bending, especially for folks who struggle to get an upper back bend and like to dump all the pressure into their lower back (ahem, people like me).

I hope you love these workouts as much as I do. Got questions? Just reply to this email. I’m here lurking by my computer in a middle split just waiting to hear from you :)

Happy Bendings!

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