Hamstring stretch to learn to do a front split

Hamstrings are one of the muscle groups that needs to be flexible for front splits. Here are some exercises to improve your hamstring flexibility for splits.

Flat front splits requires deep flexibility in both the hips and hamstrings. Often tight hamstrings can make it difficult to learn to do a front split because the hamstrings not only limit the depth of the split, they also disrupt the alignment of the split.

Learn why hip alignment for square splits is important in this post on how and why to square your splits.

Hamstrings are heroes. They are both postural and mover muscles, essential for standing and walking. When they are tight they can really screw up your whole meat suit. And most of the time we are squashing them into a chair.

So I made this yummy 30-minute workout specifically for those of you experiencing that particular woe…

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