Active Workout Recovery for Lower Body

After a heavy lower body workout active stretching can help recovery

Let’s bust that myth that you have to choose between strength and flexibility! You can lift heavy, go for a run, and still be a bendy beast. You just need the right tools…

Try a post-workout stretch session using primarily resistance techniques (engaging the muscle that is being stretched). This will help reduce post-workout soreness and long-term flexibility loss.

In the last two years I have fallen in love with strength training and running but I’m always and forever a bender too. I’ve made a video of my favorite post-leg day stretches for those of you who share my obsessions.

All you need is a low bench or chair.

Are you excited about bro gym workouts AND bendy antics? I’d love to hear from you. What are your needs and concerns? Please comment and let me know!

Happy Bendings!

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