Post-Surgery Recovery Workout

How to Keep Your Body Healthy When you Can't Move Much

Post-surgery update…

I am finally through the very intense pain and swelling of the first 5 days, and on day 6 I was feeling good enough to start moving a little.

Whenever I'm getting back into movement after a period of inactivity I start with hip rotation, torso rotation, and spinal movement. For the foot I alternated between 60 second single leg bridge holds with very low elevation (and some hamstring stretches for the poor over-used standing leg) and basic ankle mobilizations. It's really good to be up and about a little and starting to move again!

Within the vlog I also have links to 3 free workouts that I include in my rehab workout. I consider these workouts my essentials for when I haven’t been able to move for a while and I’m trying to get my body feeling good again.

I feel ridiculously fortunate to have the time to rehab gradually and this nice porch so I can get my daily dose of California sun. Being outside for this process really helps my mood.

As always, feel free to reach out with thoughts or questions. I love hearing from you!

Happy Bendings!

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