How to Improve Upper Back Mobility

Exercises for Unlocking Upper Back Flexibility

It’s been a little quiet over here since I’ve been on the road a lot. All that travel inspired this latest workout since my upper back is one of the first areas to get tight and grouchy when I neglect it!

The latest upload to our Video Club Membership site, and the shorter free version on YouTube, focuses on exercises to reverse the forward bend in the upper back and find upper back extension.

We sneak up on the upper back bend, focusing first on releasing muscles like the obliques, pecs, intercostals, and diaphragm that can limit upper back extension. Then we utilize the upper back muscles in ranges that are easier for them: side bending and twisting.

Finally we experiment with applying those muscles to isolate upper back extension from the lower back bend, which is usually (not always) easier to find.

I hope you love these workouts as much as I do. Got questions? Just reply to this email. I’m here lurking by my computer in a middle split just waiting to hear from you :)

Happy Bendings!

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